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Bluewater Solar & Marine Electrics can provide a full Solar on or off the Grid Power solution from initial site inspection through to installation and commissioning. We have installed in excess of 100 systems throughout Tasman and Blenheim over the last two years.

Jonathan Pirie, our solar specialist (Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer) has been involved way back with Solar from the initial grid connected solar install at the Auckland Greenpeace Office back in the late 80s. Those were certainly trail blazing days and we have seen the technology and prices improve dramatically, now making it possible to offset energy consumption costs.

We agree with the November 2015 NZ consumer report on Solar PV (Click here) stating that it is economically viable to install solar only in certain situations, namely to use the energy at the same time as production. Of course there are a number of reasons for wanting solar. We are not driven by sales and will do a free consumption profile to see if solar is right for you. Money may be better spent reducing consumption, adding insulation, LED lighting retrofits, new efficient appliances etc.

Our core marine experience (basically floating off grid) is conducive to the solar technology used today as we have always been working with inverters, charging sources/batteries and keeping abreast of the rapidly changing technology and products now offered.

For grid connected Solar we are using Enphase Micro Inverters or Solar Edge Inverters with panel level optimisation in conjunction with Tier 1 (highest quality) modules, up to 290 watt panels with included 25 year performance and 10 year product warranties. Both systems have panel level monitoring so each panel is recorded if a warranty issue does arise.

Enphase and Solar Edge are leaders in solar innovation and back up their products with exceptional warranties. Solar Edge offers 25 years for the optimisers with a standard 12 year inverter warranty upgradable to 25 years, while Enphase offers 10 years for all the micro inverter models.

All systems are future proofed for the coming storage revolution. We offer free installation of Solar optimisation devices including graphical apps that can be installed on the day, including Power Genius, Solar Power Diverter, Elios Power Reducer, Solar iBoost or just a simple hot water time clock.


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